January 2020

Devour January/February 2020

By Zoe Friedland

Decker’s Handcrafted

After all the holiday eats, it’s a new year. And also time for pizza. What else? The ultimate feel-good staple satisfies the masses and let’s face it, we’ve been craving the pie. And to indulge in one of the most handcrafted pizzas in town, leave it to acclaimed pizzaiolo Chris Decker. He has been making pizza for the famed John Arena and Metro Pizza for nearly 25 years. “I love the creativity, working with my hands and the gratification of watching someone taking a bite and loving it,” says Decker. “These are the things that keep me motivated.” The Sicilian pizza is thick, but airy with a slight chewy-cheesy tension and crust that is akin to biting into crunchy rarified air, or go thin with that audible crisp. But the most modern way to enjoy his pizza is to follow his Instagram @everythingbutanchovies, where he posts weekly creations that aren’t often found of the menu. These are slices of heaven.

Metro Pizza (multiple locations) 6720 Sky Pointe Dr., Las Vegas. 702-564-6726


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