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FLYDOGs by Chef Howard and the Baseball Chef Tasting Series

Tue Aug 27 2019

Photos by Sabin Orr

By now you’ve had the elevated classic to the humble baseball hot dog by Chef Brian Howard of Sparrow + Wolf at Las Vegas Ballpark.  It not, the best-in-class hot dog experience, dubbed FLYDOG, is a custom collection of dogs and sausages especially for the Park and is a must-try for any Las Vegas fan base.  These hot dogs are a nostalgic tribute to the classic American hot dog and a contemporary spin on the unexpected. They are pulling from Howards' Detroit roots, where Coney Island dogs are a favorite, as well as his trademark culinary creativity. The exclusive line-up of four dogs is featured at three locations throughout the main concourse so that all fans have easy access to a Las Vegas signature.

The Jetsetter

Try The Heater, a griddled hotlink with Calabrian chili relish, kewpie mayo, spicy mustard, parmesan cheese on a potato bun. The Hercules features a foot-long, bacon-wrapped Hebrew National topped with dry-aged beef chili, pickled mustard seed, and sweet onion jam. The Jetsetter, featuring a Snake River Farms Wagyu beef, Banh mi pickles, cilantro mayo and which celebrates Vegas’ thriving Chinatown and Asian cuisine, in-line with Howard’s own favorite flavor profiles; and the Chicago Smokehouse a playful spin on the classic Chicago dog, featuring a custom-blended smoked cheddar brat, neon relish, sports peppers and tomato on a poppy bun. Each is an already a stand-alone "home run," but together they represent a celebration of what an excellent ballpark dog can be.

"It's all about celebrating the joy of being at a ballgame, conjuring up those taste memories from childhood, and creating new Las Vegas taste moments," says Chef Howard. "I'm into this because of the emotion and nostalgia that comes with it. And of course, I'd do anything for a great hot dog."

Howard has also just participated in the guest Chef Tasting Series at the ballpark. During this inaugural season, ticketholders to the game can access the club level tastings by chefs with club level tickets or access. Chef Howard offered signature eats including grilled summer peach, arugula, ricotta salata with yuzu vinaigrette; grass-fed steak tartare toast, confit egg yolk, and kizami wasabi and hearth-baked lasagna, miso bechamel and furikake. It’s perhaps the tastiest way to enjoy baseball!

The Chicago Smokehouse

The Chef Tasting Series has been hugely successful this year. Guest chefs including Giada DeLaurentiis, Dan Krohmer, and James Trees, (to name a few) making appearances and serving up a delicious storm of culinary offerings. There are only two more of these tasting to partake in before the end of baseball season. Labor Day weekend will feature back-to-back chef's tastings. On August 30, T-Bones' Chef Lupe Avila and on August 31, Libertine Social’s  Chefs Jamaal Taherzadeh and Richard Camarota, with cocktails by mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim. For more information,

The Hercules

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