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Revisiting an Irish pub

Tue Oct 15 2019

While new restaurants are popping up weekly in Las Vegas, it’s good to go back to revisit ones that have been here a while. Ri Rá  inside Mandalay Place, which opened in 2011, was constructed from a pub that was restored in Ireland and shipped to Las Vegas. The cozy environment of the 19th century style Irish pub gets the conversation flowing as smoothly as Guinness ebbs in the glass. And the menu still offers some of the classic dishes (thank goodness), such as the fish and chips and the Scotch eggs - honestly one of the best I’ve ever had and what a totally genius idea to pipe in the creamy yolk in the middle! Some new items include the chicken pot pie, which is made hearty with chicken, herbs, onions, mushrooms, carrots, peas, and potato, topped with a flaky puff pastry.  The Oreo trio will satisfy the chocolate lover and special mention also goes the bread pudding. It’s a stand-out without the traditional raisins. Make sure to allow 20 minutes, as this dessert is made to order.

Chicken Pot Pie


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